Aden and Rational AG, producer of smart kitchen appliances, open a new and exciting chapter in food service

Aden is accelerating the development of the digital twin kitchen by deepening our partnership with Rational AG, a global leader in smart kitchen technology. Aden’s digital twin kitchen leverages the full power of Rational’s iVario XS and iCombi Pro equipment. Their smart interfaces provide unprecedented control and responsiveness for a safer working environment. Both appliances are IoT-ready, allowing for the simulation of energy consumption and integration of AI in the supply chain. Central to this partnership is a spirit of collaboration, creativity and ambition to keep raising the bar in China’s food service market.










Building on this foundation, Aden and Rational joined forces to turn Aden HQ’s Oxygen Café into an innovative test kitchen and training space. Aden welcomed food service professionals from Rational and other leaders in China’s food service industry to participate, including local plant-based meat creator OmniPork, boutique food service provider Maik’s Gourmet and sustainable plant-based food advocate Green Monday. In staying true to the spirit of the partnership, talented chefs from all parties came together to share their tips, tricks and methods of using Rational appliances to deliver smarter and better food service. This event was an inspiring look at what the future of the food service industry holds, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with key players taking part in its transformation.

AdenEdge, a game-changing high-concept food service solution

This month also marks the launch of Aden’s brand new high-level food service and catering solution AdenEdge. Ricardo Castro, Managing Director of Food Services had this to say at the event: “Continuous training of our talent is at the core of Aden’s mission and we are committed to providing a learning platform which encompasses best-in-class technology and our partners. In addition to nurturing talent, we are also committed to nurturing innovation. AdenEdge, our latest food services offering, is on a mission to blur the lines between contractual catering and high-street food execution, by leveraging our line of professionals with an extended hospitality background and introducing the latest food innovation to our offer, working with the A-list of experts and partners in the market.”


The Rational difference

Rational kitchen equipment is not only the most advanced, connected and responsive on the market; it is designed for efficiency and space management, using less energy and taking up less area than other industrial appliances. Rational’s network of trainers and consultants work with Aden’s kitchen teams to optimally operate and place equipment, reducing accidents, improving service and streamlining workflow. This partnership is about more than just a love of Rational equipment; it is about Aden staying true to its mission of continuously improving foodservice operations to deliver clients the absolute best service possible.