Aden Smart Park is coming to Chengdu

This week, Aden and Chengdu’s Longquanyi District Government committed to developing a new location for Aden Smart Park in the Chengdu Economic Development Zone.

The concept for Smart Park is a turn-key industry 4.0 park in which companies can plug in (capex-free) to renewable energy, rental of automated fleets, advanced digital technologies, and environmental and quality-of-life services. Launched earlier this year, Smart Park has already generated agreements in East China’s Shangdong Province. This new agreement in Chengdu marks a new milestone for Smart Park – its first expansion into the west of the country.

The agreement commits both parties to a significant investment as part of Chengdu’s “Eastward Strategy”, accelerating transformation of the city’s industrial infrastructure for a new era in connected and clean industry.

The ambitious partnership will involve two phases of development. Phase I will see construction of a high-end automotive manufacturing center, equipped with smart tech and state-of-the-art robotics, all optimized for energy efficiency and sustainability.

In Phase II, increased investment will expand the center’s role as a smart-industry park, which will be primed to play a lead role in the Chengdu Economic Development Zone and be a trailblazer for Western China’s Industry 4.0.

Located in one of the country’s leading industrial hubs, Aden’s Chengdu smart park represents an attractive proposition for the investors and innovators who are leading the new wave of high-tech industry. Aden already has a strong presence in the city and, with this new agreement, is cementing its position on the ground as the leading provider of innovative solutions that span clean energy, industrial automation, digitalization and facility transformation.