ADEN & SNCF take next steps for transit-oriented development in Chengdu

Big advances for Aden and transit-oriented development (TOD) in China! We’ve signed with Chengdu’s Shuangliu District & SNCF HUBS & CONNEXIONS to take next steps on TOD development. Our goal is nothing less than the transformation of transit centers into hubs for smart, sustainable urban life, culture and business.

For an ambitious project like this, there’s no better place to be than Chengdu, which is already emerging as one of China’s most dynamic tier-one cities. The ADEN-SNCF project will only accelerate the city’s progress by adding smart facility management and modern tools that improve daily life and development in Shuangliu District.

At its core, TOD is about creating a ripple effect that  brings new life to cities and creates vibrant spaces that can draw people together. In that spirit, we had our signing at the French General Consulate residence, with a mix of attendees from government, culture and business. Among those present were France’s Minister of Culture, (Franck Reister), the Vice-Director of Shuangliu District (Zhang Ruiqin, representing Chengdu city) and SNCF Hubs & Connexions’ Managing Director (Fabrice Morenon). In a week when even the French President  Emmanuel Macron was in Shanghai to promote French-Chinese ties and collaboration, Aden was excited to make its own contribution towards international co-development and quality of life.