ADEN sponsors International Food and Wine Society event

The world’s oldest gastronomic association is expanding in China; ADEN was proud to sponsor and take a lead role in its Shanghai launch. The International Food and Wine Society (IFWS) has promoted excellence in cuisine since 1933. For their new chapter’s opening event, ADEN’s Michelin-star chef Jerome Laurent was asked to provide the food menu, while our Robin Saby was made chapter president. As president, Robin will focus on developing links between food quality, technology and innovation, very much in line with ADEN’s own vision.

The IFWS chapter brings together a range of Shanghai entrepreneurs, innovators and gastronomic aficionados, many of whom are longstanding friends of ADEN. This includes Eunice Zhuang, GM of The Cellar Club; Denis Lin a famous gastronomy influencer from China’s blogosphere; French vineyard owners Guillaume Brochard of Chateau AD Francos and Francois Martino of Domaine Sainte Luchaire. Yvonne Wallis, President of IWFS APAC, entrusted Robin with responsibility for building relationships and awareness that good food and wine are essential components of quality of life and health.