ADEN welcomes a delegation from Japan’s Nihon Housing

A delegation from Japan’s Nihon Housing, led by president Utena Osano, visited ADEN headquarters in Shanghai recently. The visit provided an opportunity for top management from both companies to meet for the first time since signing a strategic partnership in June of this year. Joachim Poylo, founder and president of ADEN Group, and Francois Amman, co-founder and co-president of ADEN Group, shared ADEN’s latest innovations in energy, IoT and intelligent robotics. The two sides also had an in-depth discussion on ways to implement these innovations to best serve our clients in Japan.

As the second-largest economy in Asia, Japan is a key market for ADEN and a vital part of the APAC region. We are excited to work together with Nihon Housing to build better solutions using the next wave of Smart technology for our clients in Japan and across the region.