Aden wins major contract to develop and operate the island-wide Fari Campus in the Maldives

Aden Group has won a competitive bidding process initiated by Pontiac Land Group, one of Singapore’s largest real-estate developers, to operate the Fari Campus. Fari Campus is one of the four islands located within the Fari Islands archipelago in the Maldives that houses the employees, management and back of the house assets, utilities and equipment of three high-end luxury resorts set to operate on the neighboring islands.

Aden is already working on the ground on a three-month timeline to build up all resources to deliver, by the end of the year, this innovative multi-resort integrated model. Once mobilization work is completed, Aden will transition to full operation of the island over ten years and provide no less than 17 integrated quality-of-life services and technical solutions throughout the duration of the project.

This pioneering development will leverage some of the most innovative technology to link, digitalize and optimize all services and solutions across Fari Campus. Over the project’s lifespan, Aden will continually expand its digital footprint on Fari Campus in a groundbreaking development for the IFM industry, which we will be detailing soon.