Adenergy & Enersize deliver “Master Class: Compressed Air”

Shocking but true: the average factory is using 30-50% more compressed air than needed. That’s a massive financial loss, but many companies don’t even realize it is happening, or how much they pay in extra costs every hour. That’s why Adenergy invited our partner Enersize to deliver its Master Class on compressed air and leak management at Aden HQ yesterday.

Speaking to a multi-industry audience, CEO Anders Sjogren and Daniel Winkler, the father of web based leak management, explained how leak management software, enhanced by AI and machine learning, has created a sustainable, profitable alternative to what is done too often – covering leakage losses by using more energy and burning more carbon.

In an afternoon of insights, attendees learned the almost unbelievable scope and cost of compressed air – a critical resource that accounts for 5-6% of global energy production and costs 20 times more than electricity. Attendees learned why the smart investment is not more equipment, but advanced leak management and went deep on the technical aspects of measuring system-wide leakage down to a granular level.

Fully tracking and managing leakage requires sophisticated tools and expertise, but with the right partner, the value generated is enormous and almost immediate. This is a capacity Enersize has revolutionized with its LEAQS and Q+ software, and one which Adenergy will be offering to clients across Asia, managed on-site by Adenergy’s expert technicians and enhanced by the power of its award-winning IoT platform AEMO.