Aden’s Chief Digital Officer Presents Cybersecurity at the EU Chamber

Aden’s Chief Digital Officer, Howard Wang, spoke this week at the 2020 “Beyond Cybersecurity” conference, where he discussed the importance of cybersecurity in business strategy with tech experts and leaders from several industries. Howard also explored the ways that COVID-19 has changed working styles, and with this, changed the demands of cybersecurity.

The biggest change for facility managers, he argued, is the rise of mixed teams where employees work on-site and from home. Maintaining the same high level of cybersecurity in this new work environment is a key challenge, requiring attention and focus on multiple levels: governance, operations and technology.

For Aden, responding to this transformation has been a top priority in all of our partnerships and in the development of our facility-management and energy platform. As the work environment evolves, Aden is committed to adapting and staying ahead of trends in cybersecurity.