Aden’s Manbo Xia moderates panel at IZXXZ conference in Shenzhen

Aden’s Manbo Xia moderated a panel at this year’s IZXXZ S100 conference, where IFM industry leaders met to share how they are responding to the unique challenges that have presented themselves this year. Participants shared the differences and similarities in their strategies, but it was clear that the future of IFM will require flexibility and the willingness to rethink traditional practices in favor of innovation.

Innovation and flexibility have always been core to Aden’s philosophy. Aden has responded to challenges this year the same way we always do: by staying true to our mission to make smarter, digitalized solutions to empower stakeholders to manage their facilities more effectively and efficiently. By leveraging technology at every level, Aden is breaking down communication and data siloes while encouraging collaborative decision-making and implementation. This approach has carried us through every challenge we’ve encountered in the past, and ready us for the new and unexpected obstacles of the future.