Aden co-organizes Asian International School and Education Conference

The 2nd Asian International School and Education Conference has just wrapped up in Shenzhen. AVANCE was honored to serve as co-organizer of the event, together with TopSchools, helping to bring together educators and experts from around the world to explore new ways forward. Group CIO Howard Wang gave a keynote speech on the Panorama of Intelligent School Management, sharing how our’s digitalization process enables end-to-end solutions to transform the way that schools optimize energy, facilities, and service.

ADEN’s newly-launched high-end education brand AVANCE offers innovative and diverse turnkey solutions customized for international schools aspiring to thrive in China’s educational landscape. At AVANCE, we aim to bring our experience-based insights and enterprising spirit to provide the very best for our clients, with one-stop consulting for every step of the way in establishing and managing international schools. By bringing real value through our professional ethics and tailor-made solutions, we look to help shape a new and brighter future for education in China.