Chongqing government visits Aden HQ to discuss smart city & clean energy collaboration

Last week, Aden HQ was proud to welcome a delegation of senior government representatives from Chongqing, West China’s biggest city. In a full-day meeting, Aden and our senior-level guests discussed the city’s ambitious plans for smart city projects, the economic transformation of West China and the possibility of accelerating this development through our AKILA virtual twin platform.

Aden’s involvement in West China goes back decades. Since we began our first West China project years ago, we’ve grown with the region and seen it transformed into a vital hub of the Chinese economy. Entering a new decade, Aden has committed to a “Go West” strategy that will deepen and expand our West China partnerships and put all of our tech innovations and tools to work improving the quality of life, business and environment in cities like Chongqing.