Data room management: Aden and Synopsis

Aden awarded “Service Star” by Synopsis

April 16, 2021

High tech clients need high-tech solutions. That’s precisely what Aden delivers. Since 2019, Aden has been providing IFM solutions for Synopsis—with special attention given to their data room. Aden’s data room management solution uses advanced digital tools to monitor and respond to any issues in the data room, ensuring that Synopsis can carry out due diligence and safeguard their sensitive digital assets. All Aden solutions are the Wuhan facility are backed by our digital management platform for enhanced efficiency, transparency and communication.

All of that effort has paid off. Recently, Synopsys’ R&D Center in Wuhan awarded Aden Group the “Service Star” award for the quality of service and the attention to detail provided by our staff and technicians.

Aden’s data room management is only one of several smart IFM solutions recognized by the “Service Star” award. Our cleaning team was also commended with this award for their stellar effort in keeping Synopsis’ environment hygienic and spotless. Ultimately, no matter which solutions Aden provides, each is designed to provide a higher quality of life for facility occupants, while allowing clients the freedom to focus more on their core business.

The key to Aden’s award-winning service philosophy begins by recognizing that there is no “one-size-fits-all.” The solutions Aden delivers for Synopsis, just as with all our clients, are completely customized for their 12,000 square meter site. But it doesn’t end there. It requires meticulous delivery of all service, active communication with the client and the flexibility to respond to their needs. We’re proud to say that Aden’s team exceeded on all fronts at Wuhan’s site.

Aden’s smart facility and data room management solutions highlight the value that integrated solutions can provide for high-tech clients like Synopsis. As the industry continues to expand, and as companies like Synopsis continue to grow, shifting to an integrated, customized facility management plan is a strategic move to ensure all effort goes into core business needs. That’s what Aden can do for you.


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