Aden Group wins FM contract with Douyu, continuing expansion into the digital entertainment sector

November 11, 2021

Aden Group is continuing to expand its presence as a facility management provider in the media and technology industries with DouYu, a new client in the live streaming sector. DouYu is a live streaming platform that has grown rapidly with the online gaming community, but also with various other forms of live entertainment as well. Since its founding, DouYu has steadily grown in terms of business, employees and facility footprint, which Aden Group has contracted to maintain for the next 3 years.

China’s technology and media sectors are maturing, while still keeping up a rapid pace of development. Aden is excited to join along with DouYu as the company continues on its journey and grows in both footprint and staff. As it does, we will be there to guarantee that DouYu’s offices provide the best workplace experience possible for its employees.