Biomedical facility management solutions for Bioduro-Sundia

Aden deploys specialized IFM for the biomedical research company at their sites in Beijing and Wuxi

April 12, 2021

Bioduro-Sundia Aden Group facility management bioduro aden group biomedical facility management

This February, Aden signed with leading biomedical research company Bioduro-Sundia for a multi-site integrated facilities management (IFM) package. Currently, Aden delivers a range of solutions for Bioduro-Sundia’s oldest plant in Beijing and their newly operational 30,000 sq. m plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Along with cleaning, security, and administration services, Aden provides solutions specifically designed for the industry, such as GMP support.

Bioduro-Sundia chose Aden for more than just our proven experience integrating and upgrading traditional facility services. Aden’s unique value is the ability to include specialized services and management for Bioduro-Sundia’s industry and sites—something other FM providers are unable to deliver.

When Aden first sat down with Bioduro-Sundia, the conversation began the same way it does for all our clients: learning about their detailed daily operations and what they need to make them better. Aden worked closely to understand exactly what Bioduro-Sundia’s operational needs are and put together a tailor-made IFM package to cover them. Now, rather than contracting with multiple partners, Bioduro-Sundia will see increased efficiency and streamlined facility operations.

Aden’s IFM offer is built around the knowledge that every site is different and every industry has unique needs. Whatever our clients’ needs, Aden can deliver.