RAPID welcomes three new team members at the EU diplomatic compound in Mogadishu

Aden’s joint venture Rapid is welcoming three new team members at the EU diplomatic compound in Mogadishu, Somalia. Each will bring unique skills and expertise to meet the challenges of this key site. Staff will include a new Compound Manager, who draws on his extensive experience in managing multicultural teams.  Additionally, we are bringing on an expert in facility management and life support operations to serve as RLS Manager. Finally, we are adding a new Catering Manager with deep experience as a chef and remote site catering.


RAPID is proud to offer the best level of services, comfort and safety to the EU missions and delegations who call the compound home. We are confident that this new management team will uphold RAPID and ADEN’s highest standards in leading our 90-member team and carrying out their mission! Click to know more our solutions: https://www.rapid.life/