Smart energy and waste management for Diana Pet Food’s China plant

Aden Group, Aden Energies and SUEZ roll out a digital twin solution combining energy efficiency and waste management

Aden Group has designed a package combining smart energy and waste management solutions and plugged them into our Akila digital twin platform. The platform uses IoT to collect performance data from all energy-using assets and optimizes their operation and maintenance using AI. All waste produced on-site is tracked and traced, providing real data on the amount of waste produced, where it winds up and the amount of carbon saved along the way.

Energy and waste management is at the core of sustainability. It’s also increasingly the focus of regulations for businesses in China. Together with our clean-energy JV Aden Energies and SUEZ, Aden is helping Diana Pet Food reach its own ambitious environmental goals while optimizing its operations.  With the Akila platform, Diana’s energy use and waste management are fully transparent–meaning that they can more easily stay compliant. Most importantly, what Aden, Aden Energies and SUEZ are providing, is a way for Diana to cut emissions and more positively impact the environment.

Energy management and waste management made easy

Businesses in China and all over the globe are facing a whole new set of sustainability challenges. Talk isn’t enough anymore: ESG investors, customers and governments expect action. How can businesses respond to new regulations and social pressures without major interruptions to operations? One of the best options is a B2B build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, which Aden’s JV Aden Energies provides.

Breaking down the BOT model for B2B

Similar to how BOT contracts work for public-private partnerships, a B2B BOT allows one private entity to finance, design, install and operate an energy infrastructure project for another private entity. The partnership between Aden, Aden Energies, SUEZ and Diana is a prime example of how this looks in action. Aden worked as a strategic integrator to bring these companies together and linked the solutions inside Akila, then Aden Energies financed, installed and will operate the energy assets for 10 years. All without Diana needing to put up major CAPEX or restructure their operations.

New regulations, new expectations

After the announcement of the carbon peak and carbon neutrality initiatives last year by China’s central government, businesses in China can expect to see tighter regulations on their emissions. Reducing the carbon intensity of production through smarter energy and waste management will be essential. Even more so will be transparency: a clear record of a company’s carbon footprint. That’s how digital tools like Akila bring huge amounts of value. It is AI-backed energy optimization and a clear and documented source to report carbon emissions to stay compliant.

Bringing together the best of these companies, a BOT contract and a digital twin energy management platform, has made Diana’s new site ready for the next era of sustainable business in China.