Aden Energies to provide onsite wind turbines for the fluorochemical industry in East China

At a large industrial site in East China where fluorochemicals are made for refrigerants to be used in cooling devices across the world, Aden Energies will be tackling energy use in a big way. 15-megawatt wind turbines generating 43 to 53 million kWh per year big. This will translate to millions of RMB saved per year and a huge reduction in pounds of CO2 emission. To take savings and energy efficiency to the next level, Aden will be pairing it with a 10-mWh power storage battery. With this battery, the site can charge up on excess power produced by the wind turbines or store-up on power when grid electricity is cheap to use later when it is more expensive.

By adding an onsite wind turbine, the company takes the pressure off the government to adjust the power grid to handle the added electricity loads needed for plant operation. Moving to wind power brings major benefits and helps meet corporate sustainability initiatives, and it will contribute to the Jiangsu government’s own green energy KPIs.

Aden Energies will service the wind turbine for 20 years and the energy storage unit for 15 years, over which time tens of millions of RMB will be saved, and countless tons of CO2 will never be emitted. Switching to wind power now will bring immediate financial returns and have a lasting positive impact on the environment.