Thank you, Heroes!

Thanks to all hospitals and medical facilities personnel across the country, the conditions during the current coronavirus epidemic are getting better over time. Working together in unity, our team is finding important ways to contribute. Norman Schwarzkopf said, “It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle”. Without these heroes in the medical facilities of China, and on our support teams, it would have been impossible to take the coronavirus battle so far.
From North…
Located in Northern China, Beichen Hospital has been working around the clock to treat patients with fever symptoms and tighten its quarantine effort to prevent further outbreaks. 
When the number of patients admitted to the hospital rose, Beichen faced a medical supply shortage. Thanks to our logistics and supply chain team, Aden has managed to coordinate prompt delivery of emergency supplies to the hospital, including liquid and powder disinfectant, thermometers, medical-use alcohol, goggles and masks for the hospital’s staff.
We also enforced standardized epidemic prevention procedures, including body-temperature checks and equipment and facility disinfection.

Guidelines to prevent coronavirus at workplaces

Your safety is important to us. That’s why we conduct a daily training in accordance with our emergency code of conduct to prevent the outbreak at workplaces. From the kitchen to personal hygiene, we make sure everyone follows the best practices for proper handwashing and facility/equipment disinfection to ensure everybody’s safety in hospitals. 

To South…
Meanwhile, in the South, United Family Hospital is working together with local public hospitals to fight against the epidemic. To support their hard work, Aden has, as always, been preparing warm and healthy food for hospital personnel. 
During the Chinese New Year holiday, however, food shortages caused by the epidemic threatened to disrupt meal delivery in the region. But, thanks to our team’s great effort and cooperation, we manage to overcome the shortage and maintain a healthy menu for all hospital personnel, even at the peak of the crisis.
Our staff even voluntarily worked overtime during the outbreak period, taking extra care to make sure every part of United Family’s hospital stayed clean and hygienic for proper working conditions. They strictly followed all procedures to perform disinfection inspections in a timely way, as well as proactively promoting hygiene solutions in all parts of the food-supply chain. No matter what kind of situation we face, customer satisfaction and safety are our main goals.

Just like doctors and nurses, our personnel at hospital sites are on the frontlines of the battle. They have taken on great responsibility to achieve the main goal: fighting against the coronavirus outbreak.

Aden is determined to support our frontline personnel and partners. Together, we can fight and win this battle. Keep the fight up staff - you have proven yourselves heroes! Keep the fight up, China - better times are ahead!


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