Waste Management: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Waste management solutions in China provided by Aden and SUEZ

Aden and SUEZ‘s joint waste management event filled the hall and brought a full arsenal of experts to the stage. There were many fields represented, but one clear message: The moment for smart waste management is now, pushed by convergences in society, technology, business and law. From CEOs like Enwise’s Stéphane Vernède and Zero Waste Shanghai’s Alizee Buysschaert to representatives from government, all speakers described gains and a huge shift in how waste is processed, as well as unprecedented opportunities to turn a cost into an asset through green technology.

As SUEZ’s Francois Jenny said, “this is a resource revolution.” And with the revolution underway, Aden isn’t missing a beat. As our own Arnaud DAUVILLIER explained in the Aden-SUEZ presentation, our suite of waste management solutions allows businesses to process, digitally track and generate value on-site from China’s four waste categories (recyclable, organic, dry & hazardous).

Creating a China whose waste management is deeply #sustainable and fully digital is a big goal. But, we know that we will succeed because we must, because China is ready for green IFM, and because we have a global waste management leader, SUEZ, as our ally. The time is now; let’s create facility management that does more.