Wellness Services


Wellness services make for happy employees – and good business.
Happy employees are your greatest asset – and your best ambassadors. Our services raise morale and ensure that your day-to-day runs smoothly.

Productivity and personal satisfaction go hand in hand 


To recruit and retain talent, businesses are increasingly turning to services that go beyond the salary package. We meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market for talent with a wide range of wellness services that ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment for your staff to thrive in. From travel support to on-site gyms and healthy food services, let your employees know you care about their well-being for every moment they’re at work.

Aden takes specific employee needs into consideration when designing service offerings. With our international expertise, we tailor our amenities to offices working across cultures.

Our Services

Learning & Development Tools

Individual attention is crucial to each employee’s development. Monitor their training progress so you can help them learn and grow in your organisation.

Health & Wellbeing Services

Aden provides a series of modern and attractive amenities that are highly sought-after among the new generation of skilled, savvy employees. From on-site gyms and yoga classes to meditation rooms, nursing areas, massages and manicures, Aden can help you provide services that attract employees and drive productivity.

Tech-savvy Communications solutions

Rapid, flexible, and secure communication is a crucial element of the modern work environment, and Aden can provide and administer the kind of modern communications solutions that make the most of a truly connected company. It’s time to move out of the e-mail era.

Healthy Food Services

Employees need to be well fed to perform at their peak. We offer meal plans and catering options tailored to your needs, including organic, low-fat, vegetarian, and local options that can accommodate special dietary requirements.

Travel Desk

Make travel a breeze with Aden’s travel desk solutions, including visa applications, flight and hotel bookings, and rental cars and taxis. Ensure that you and your staff will travel stress-free, no matter where in the world you go.

Concierge Services

As an added value, we can offer help desk services that recommend local hospitality to your guests, ensuring that they enjoy their visit.