Bringing facility management into the digital age.
Traditional FM solutions do not take advantage of technical advancements. Our facility management tools do.
Digital Solutions for Facility Management

Aden provides networked solutions that help your company maximise profits by aligning technical implementation with corporate strategy. 


We support clients in implementation, migration and deployment of FM solutions that allow for management across touch points, channels, and devices. We offer digital FM integration to consolidate and customise technology solutions, streamline processes, and tackle the most complex business challenges.

Our IFM solutions include robotic cleaning options, drone-based security services, and integration across platforms. Rollouts are designed to your specific needs, and are integrated through our unified platform, providing access and management at your fingertips.

As your company expands, it becomes more and more important to integrate procedures and manage across multiple departments, offices, and eventually multiple countries. With our rich experience in comprehensive technical work across national borders, Aden has the expertise to build solutions on a firm and extensible foundation. When you are ready to scale, you have a platform that can scale with you.

Our Services

Project Development

project development

Our development process is collaborative from the start. Transparency is one of our core values, and we ensure that our clients are informed and comfortable at every stage of the project, from conceptualisation to implementation.


Our implementation process is designed to minimise bugs and provide top quality service. Our rigorous Q&A testing procedures follow industry standards and ensure systems can run at full capacity from day one.



When newly-developed systems go live, our dedicated migration team follows best practices to ensure that no data is lost in the process. Once new systems are online, our team monitors their performance in real time.



Due to our policy of transparent communication with clients and best-practices in development, we have a long record of launching projects on spec and on time.