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Innovation is at our core
Aden’s digital solutions optimise your resources, monitor performance, and maximise the value of your assets.

Digital solutions and cutting-edge technology are intertwined into every product and service that Aden offers. They are in our DNA. 


Transparency and accountability are two of our core values. When we employ cutting-edge solutions such as facial recognition entry control and workflow tracking, or nanotechnology for maintenance cycle reporting and documentation, data is immediately linked into custom-developed DigiOps tools that allow clients to do their jobs efficiently and transparently.

Our clients gain instant access to real time asset monitoring from the most advanced facility management functions, as well as convenient monthly reporting functions that provide summaries of work orders, energy consumption, achievements, and cost savings.

Aden’s digital solutions allow instant access to help whenever you need it. Clients can seamlessly create request tickets to be addressed by our teams on the ground.  We use our own reporting functions to constantly track and optimise the response time of our teams, ensuring optimal service from our workflow management tools.

Our Services

Client Portal

Client Query

We provide industry-leading management and monitoring tools, conveniently located in our client portal, allowing unprecedented access to systems management, reporting functions, and analytics.

DigiOps Workflow Management

Digiops Workflow Management

Aden has developed our own custom workflow management system that tracks progress and manager feedback. Our system provides a checks and balances based review process that optimises workflow.

Security and Safety

Secure access controls with finger and facial recognition and infrared motion detection to respond to any unusual activity.

Technical Equipment

Technical equipment

From drones to robots, Aden uses innovative and functional tools for fast response to maintenance issues. Aden also uses nanotechnology to indicate facility maintenance cycles.


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