Renewable energy solutions


Distributed, clean and smart renewable energy generation
No access to renewable power supply? Build it on-site and take control of your energy, your emissions and your impact.
renewable energy solutions on-site solar

Transform your energy use with distributed renewable energy solutions, built on-site

Aden Group and Tera Energies (a joint venture with Total-Eren and Eren Groupe) work together to bring clients custom-made renewable energy solutions for their sites. Depending on your location, Tera can design, install and operate wind turbines, solar panels and biomass kilns on-site. With on-site distributed renewable energy, your facility is free from the fossil-fuel-powered grid and can take more control over how and what kind of energy gets used.

Use AI to cut emissions and reduce your carbon footprint while maximizing savings

Pairing distributed renewable energy with storage batteries and an energy management platform is the ultimate way to generate power and savings. Energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines can be stored for use on days without sun or wind. The AI platform uses an algorithm to find the ideal balance between power use from on-site sources or the grid, maximizing your savings and your environmental impact.

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Renewable energy at your site


Build turbines on your site to generate massive amounts of clean energy, powering thousands of operating hours per year. All you need is 400 sq. m of free space for construction and even less when operational. You’ll see a drastic drop in your energy spending and cut tens of thousands of tons of CO2.


energy solutions and environmental services, from renewable energy to energy management

Where there is sunlight, there is energy, and today solar power has never been more accessible, efficient and cheap. Whether it’s on a rooftop or open land at your site, if you have unused and sunny space, you have room for solar panels.

Energy storage

A plug-and-play solution to make sure you’re getting the most from the energy you produce and can support a full range of renewable energy technologies – EV, wind and solar. Energy storage allows you to use the clean energy you generate whenever you need it.

EV charging

ev charging solutions ev charging point

Installing EV chargers adds value to your property and demonstrates your commitment to a better environment. There’s even the potential to generate revenue through sales of EV charging to third party users or tap into subsidies as governments look to subsidize consumer EVs and electrify their own public transit vehicles.

More energy & environmental solutions
Energy management solutions energy efficiency management
Energy management
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Improve your existing energy-using assets such as chillers, boilers, air compressors and HVAC or upgrade to a totally new highly efficient energy station. All energy solutions can digitally link with our AI+IoT platform, giving you unprecedented control and transparency into your energy use.

waste management solutions
Waste management
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Environmental impact has moved into the top tier of business concerns. Meet the expectations of your clients, stakeholders and governmental regulations with Aden and SUEZ’s waste management solutions.

Electric vehicle charging station EV charging point EV solutions
EV charging solutions
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Electric vehicle charging stations are now becoming a necessary part of facilities and infrastructure. Whether you are a business or a government, providing access to EV charging points is a challenge you will face to provide your people with a better experience.


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