Food service for China’s top schools—another new semester

China education high school international food service provider Aden Group

Another new semester, another year welcoming amazing new education partners like YK Pao. Aden is excited to be providing top-tier food service for schools in China.

Schools in China are increasingly looking for better food service offers for their students. For some of the hardest working kids in the world, providing an offer that focuses on quality and nutrition is more important than ever. Families aren’t just looking at how high the average test score is when deciding on schools anymore–they are looking at a holistic picture of how schools can contribute to their children’s development. That includes how they get their energy.

To better respond to what schools, parents and students are looking for, Aden is upgrading our food service offer with fresh concepts and innovative solutions. Aden is adding unique value to education clients with dedicated nutritionists and world-class chefs to develop tastier and healthier choices and a greater service experience. And to guarantee that we provide the best service possible, we take a proactive approach to communication and listen closely to feedback from students, faculty, staff and parents.

Aden’s food service offer pays special attention to the quality of ingredients we source, as well as the amount of food that goes to waste. This year, we have spent the effort to identify the best suppliers in China to partner with. We have improved traceability through our Digiops platform to see exactly how our ingredients get from the supplier to the cafeteria table. We also use the platform to monitor how much food is going to waste and take action to reduce the amount of food thrown away.

This school year, Aden Group looks forward to providing meals that students can be excited about.