Aden Group to provide facility security solutions for Deji Art Museum in Nanjing

Deji Art Museum Nanjing exterior

November 25, 2021

Aden Group’s IFM solutions have a wide range of applications from nature reserves to airports. Deji Art Museum is one of our most recent clients and adds a brand new setting for our IFM solutions. Deji Art Museum relies on Aden’s high-end security solutions to safeguard the valuable artwork and artifacts on display. The museum just recently finished renovations to the 22,000 sqm facility and has re-opened its exhibits to the public, with Aden security teams playing a critical role in its daily operations.

The exhibits at the museum feature a huge collection of local and internationally renowned artists, as well as historic relics such as the “Exquisite 50 – Yu Song,” a collection of rare porcelain urns made during the Song Dynasty. With such valuable artifacts, Aden’s security team is primarily concerned with the preservation and safeguarding of the exhibitions, which involves a comprehensive security system involving the latest security technology, as well crisis management and preventative planning. Deji Art Museum is an important cultural institution in the Jiangnan region, and Aden is proud to have the museum’s trust as a security vendor.