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2013-06-03 ADEN Services starts a brand new business on hotel risk management audit
2013-05-31 Joachim Poylo and ADEN Services in the French media
2013-05-30 ADEN Services opens a subsidiary in Indonesia
2013-05-16 Meet ADEN Services at 2013 Hospital Build China in Nanjing
2013-05-15 ADEN Services Signed Maintenance Contract with a first-class International Hotel Group
2013-04-27 ADEN Services security officers assist during visit from French President François Hollande
2013-04-26 ADEN Services close maintenance contract deal with a top International Automotive Company
2013-04-22 ADEN Services’ 4th Year at Hainan Rendez-Vous
2013-04-17 ADEN Services' client in Kazakhstan enjoyed our cooking program "Flying Cook"
2013-04-07 Meet ADEN Services at China-Europa 2013 in Le Havre, France
2013-02-06 Discover how Alibaba relies on ADEN Services for their employee welfare program
2013-02-05 The Embassy of France in China and ADEN Services share their expertise on security
2013-01-30 ADEN Services selected by the leading provider of escalators and elevators as their provider
2012-11-27 Building better community
2012-11-26 ADEN Services opens a new subsidiary in November 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia
2012-11-22 ADEN Services follows its clients’ development and support them now in West China
2012-10-09 One Taiwan-invested communication manufacturer selects Security services from us
2012-10-09 A new Security contract from our new client in China – Career Electronic
2012-10-09 ADEN Services started its biggest Security operation in the world - 427 guards mobilized as scheduled
2012-10-09 FM Services and Solutions in Asia, Shared by ADEN Services at Maintain 2012