High-end catering

High-end catering

Blurring the lines between catering and high-street food execution
We leverage our extensive experience in hospitality, our network of A-list partners and suppliers and integrate the latest kitchen technology for a high-end solution
AdenEdge High-End Sustainable Workplace Catering Service

AdenEdge: high-end catering that integrates our expertise at every stage of food service

AdenEdge is a high-end catering offer built on years of industry experience, combining all of our expertise. It’s a comprehensive package, starting from customized menus designed by world-class chefs and nutritionists and ending with execution overseen by Aden’s highly professional kitchen managers. At every step along the way, quality and transparency take precedent. To ensure our commitment to this we use the latest in equipment and technology for consistently delicious meals and a platform for tracking, tracing and communicating.

Higher quality food service means a higher quality of life for your people

If you want to attract the best people to your business, food service is a great place to start. With Aden’s high-end catering, you’re showing your employees, clients, and visitors that quality of life is a priority in your space.

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High-volume catering

Food service at scale whether you run a school, factory or hospital. Aden knows how to deliver with quality and dependability, day in and day out.

Design & consulting

Laying the foundations for better food service with the right space. Dining experiences start from the design of the space. From colors to lighting, Aden’s experienced designers know how to make the ideal space to eat.

ADEN Quality Life Solutions: workplace oxygen coffee bar
Oxygen café

A flexible-use café that creates a hub for collaboration, relaxation, and events. Oxygen is tailored to the specifications of your location, from a coffee stand to a flagship space for more than 100 guests.

Events & community engagement

You understanding your customers. Your customers understanding you. It’s a vital relationship that Aden can help you build, combining interactive platforms and events to create a true community space and a cycle of improvement.


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