Oxygen Café

Oxygen Café: a customized workplace café solution

Breathe life into your space
A workplace cafe concept to improve employee quality of life and provide a space for meeting, collaborating and entertaining.

A workplace cafe for every environment

Oxygen is a flexible, modular space for everything from morning coffee and breakfast, to guest-speaker presentations, to after-hours gatherings and community events.

Higher quality of life for your employees

Oxygen can be tailored to any space; the final design is in your hands. In every case, an Oxygen installation will be environmentally friendly and serve food of the highest quality. Oxygen is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to bring quality design quality food and quality of life to their space.

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Oxygen sizes

Flagship ( >120 sqm)

Covering the full range of customizable floor plans and service offerings ideal for companies with the space and ambition to make Oxygen a central feature.

Showcase ( >70 sqm)

oxygen cafe workspace cafe showcase aden quality of life solutions

The intimacy of a lively social hub. Showcase is equipped to serve delicious made-to-go and grab-and-go food and comes with barista services.

Lite ( >40 sqm)


Lite is ideal for organizations seeking a modern, sleek coffee corner and meet-up space.

Box ( 4-20 sqm)

ADEN Quality Life Solutions: workplace oxygen coffee bar

Stylish and minimalistic design provides round-the-clock refreshment in the form of Grab-&-Go.

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