Aden Remote Site: camp management for Alufer Mining

With economic development and industrialization booming worldwide, the demand for raw materials like bauxite has only increased. For businesses in the mining industry, this presents a challenge and an opportunity – how to take advantage of a global market that demands metals like aluminum (refined from bauxite), while streamlining and integrating operations, adopting cutting-edge digital tools for facility management, and building a foundation of sustainable practices and community relations.

It’s a big task that requires vision, experience and a strong digital toolkit. Luckily, this is exactly what Aden offers. As of December 1st, 2019, Aden is the IFM partner of Alufer Mining, delivering FCM (Full Camp Management) at its Bel Air site in Guinea. Our partnership will ensure that Alufer staff and visitors enjoy a consistently high level of comfort and sustainable practices while on site, with services fully tracked and traceable through Aden’s suite of digital facility-management tools.

Alufer’s flagship camp
Located on Guinea’s Atlantic coast in the Boffa area, Bel Air opened in February 2017. Built to deliver bauxite on an ambitious scale, Bel Air’s total footprint includes its own dedicated port, ship berth, export facility and 25 km of long-haul roads.

Today, Aden is serving a multinational staff of nearly 1,000, including 200 permanent residents and 600 daily workers from surrounding communities.

Investing in sustainability. Investing in the community.
As a greenfield project, Alufer has made sustainability and CSR central to Bel Air from its concept and design in 2016 up until the present day. This includes long-lasting livelihood projects such as food cropping and salt production, as well as over 40 community projects, from building classrooms and health centers to the installation of solar panels and water pumps.

As Alufer’s camp-management partner, Aden will be furthering this commitment in all of its on-site operations.

One key for Aden will be maximizing its sourcing of local goods and food, a policy that allows Aden to extend Bel Air’s positive impact beyond its immediate employees and into the wider community, where economic development has been a recurring challenge.

Aden will ensure this with a local JV partner IBS Group; already present with Aden in Guinea since a long time;  which will help guarantee exclusive local supplies and staff for Aden’s on-site operations.

Furthermore,  and as the partnership evolves, Aden and its partner will be drawing on past ADEN CSR successes, proactively looking for opportunities to support Bel Air and its community, by creating a local farming cooperative and slaughterhouse.

Finally, Aden’s wider environmental portfolio will allow Alufer to tap into all of Aden’s environmental expertise at will, including on-site energy and on-site waste management.

We’re happy to be expanding our footprint in Guinea Alufer, along with other clients such as CBG.