Food Services


Food service solutions offering quality and transparency
From the lunch hour to the corner office, food fuels business. Our food services provide meals any team can count on.

We focus on transparency and quality – so that you can know exactly where your food comes from.


Aden works with clients to design delicious, healthy, customisable meals for onsite and catered food services. Working under Michelin-starred chef Jerome Laurent, our team focuses on quality. We prioritise transparent sourcing, and provide trustworthy, tailor-made dining experiences that are second to none.

Because we believe any successful meal combines taste and ambiance, we work with the top chefs, designers, and architects to create dining experiences that feature top shelf ingredients in beautiful settings.

Whether you are looking for an upscale dining lounge in your office, a nutritious meal plan for campus cafeterias, or an onsite tailor-made catering service, let us create a memorable dining experience for you and your employees.

Our Services

Catering and Dining services

We offer customisable meal plans including organic, farm-to-table options and tailored menus to fit special dietary requirements.

Transparent Sourcing

Quality and transparency are our priorities. All sources and vendors involved in managing your food are meticulously and beautifully displayed on our client portal.

Coffee Shop & Convenience Stores

We design tailored amenities and services, from cafés stocked with homemade pastries and sandwiches to coffee corners and convenience stores.

Design & Construction

Good food deserves an ambiance – our architects create comfortable shared spaces that pair perfectly with our dining services.

Vending Machines

We stock and maintain vending machines with meals and snacks, allowing all-day convenience for employees while reducing operating costs.

Waste Management

In line with our commitment to sustainability, all our packaging is recyclable, and we provide composting services for leftover food.


From culinary escapes to school curricula to training for in-house staff, we have the necessary expertise – and access to the best talent in Asia.


We offer convenient digital applications to note preferences for employee meals, track back-end inventory, and record quality control inspections.